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Places to Eat in Jaffna: The Best Restaurants and Bars

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Jaffna could be a beautiful city located on the northern tip of Sri Lanka. Famous for its enormous Hindu temple of Nallur Kandaswamy that has overwhelming golden arches additionally as an ornate gopuram tower, this city is fast turning into a tourist hotspot and one in all the foremost visit-worthy places in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. apart from the temple and beaches, travelers are always delighted to go to the star-shaped Jaffna Fort by the coast here that had been built by the Portuguese way back within the 17th century and was later occupied by the Dutch and also the British. The Jaffna library is additionally a significant attraction within the city and is a logo of this town’s post-war regeneration. Even the Jaffna Archaeological Museum draws interest because of its Dutch cannons and intriguing pre-colonial artifacts. But while of these architectural gems help lure tourists to the current city, it’s the delightful food that keeps them hooked to it! Consisting of restaurants, cafes, small roadside eateries, bakeries, and diners, there are lots of food points in Jaffna where you’ll be able to taste the authentic cuisine of Sri Lanka sort of a local. Therefore, the indisputable fact that the food here is kind of economical as compared to the massive cities of state will only make your dining experience all the more enjoyable. Let’s follow us to find out some places to eat in Jaffna!

Rolex Restaurant

Rolex Restaurant

While all the opposite places around Jaffna are going to be great to explore and study the history and culture of the town, but it’s incomplete without tasting the local food. Rolex Restaurant is one amongst the oldest and finest places to dine-in and revel in the authentic Sri Lankan food. this can be the proper place to sit down and revel in delicious delicacies at a really cheap price.


With an open kitchen, many space and outdoor seating, Mangos is an atmospheric place to dine and is wildly popular extended Tamil families and Westerners. The South Indian food is phenomenal with around 20 dosas (try the ghee masala), great parotta (Keralan-style flat bread; the chilli version is sublime) and idiyappam. For lunch, the thali (Rs 200) cannot be beaten.

Mangos Veg Kitchen

Places to Eat in Jaffna: Mangos Veg Kitchen
Places to Eat in Jaffna

Mangos is understood for its open kitchen, lots of space, and an enthralling outdoor seating. it’s a preferred atmospheric place to eat in the town and is immensely amongst extended Tamil families yet as westerners. The South Indian food served here is outstanding and you’ll find a spread of about 20 dosas, delicious parottas (Kerala-style flat bread), some with stuffed chilli, yet as delish Idiyappam that you just can’t miss. If you arrive here during lunch, you’ll be treated to the thali that just costs around INR 200, and you’ll love equally of it!

Malayan Café

This is a highly authentic cafe with an old-school eatery style of ambiance set within the middle of the market district of Jaffna with marble-topped tables, wooden cabinets, swirling fans furthermore as pictures of holy men lit up by bright fluorescent bulbs that are hanging above the tables. You’ll find the most affordable and tastiest vegetarian food of Ceylon here like dosas, rice, and Dhal curry and far more. The lunch and lightweight meals served here are simply sublime! Food is served on banana leaves here and is eaten by hand, and you’ll surely this traditional touch of the cafe.

Yaal Restaurant

Located on Marine Drive in Wellawatte, this restaurant is known for its Jaffna Crab Curry and Chicken Biryani. I usually have the roti with Chilli Nandu (Crab curry) and Paneer fry, which may be a cheese based curry. This restaurant is comparatively cheap once you take into consideration that the food is brilliant and really gives an comprehensive experience into the Jaffna Cuisine. It’s not as classy as Palmyrah and it can get a small amount crowded but the food here is to die for.


Places to Eat in Jaffna: Palmyrah
Places to Eat in Jaffna

Palmyrah is a fashionable restaurant in Kollupitiya, Colombo. Known for serving outstanding Jaffna dishes in an exceedingly classy setting, this restaurant may be a must visit if you’re looking to do out some Jaffna food. There are a full lof of meat and vegetarian options that you simply can try, but my favourite dish is that the Chilli Crab with Egg Hoppers, commonly brought up as appam. The restaurant also has milk hoppers which includes a tinge of sweetness in its centre. aside from the most course dishes, Palmyrah also serves a good range of Jaffna desserts like rasavalli kilangu, which could be a purple coloured yam porridge.

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