How To Learn From Both Success And Failure

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Courage is certainly required during this life. I say this because failure is such an enormous a part of living—it happens to us all. So, is there a lesson to be learned from failure? Successful people seem to think so. Edison once said that it had been “ten thousand failures” that led to the ultimate success of a working light bulb. Therein lies a lesson about failure: keep moving forward irrespective of failure or number of failed attempts. Here are more great lessons to learn from both success and failure with Lifesviews!

Learn from your successes

Learn from your successes
Learn From Both Success And Failure

Do we learn more from studying failures or successes? Obviously, we learn from both, but often we analyze our failures and merely celebrate our successes. But the foremost valuable lessons may come from studying our successes. Here’s why.

You cannot infer success by studying failure so inverting it. Of all the various ways to perform a specific task, most of them are wrong. Failure reveals what doesn’t work, but it’ll not tell what does work. That’s why you can not learn much by studying failure.

Carefully analyze successes because it’s often difficult to work out exactly why something was successful; a cause and effect relationship is difficult to determine. for example, was the workshop you sponsored well-attended thanks to the subject, the speakers, or because it had been held within the Caribbean? once you succeed, create hypotheses about why it should have happened and test them to verify accurate correlations.

Also, carefully reflect on your early successes because they’ll mislead you. Po Bronson says, “Failure is tough but success is much more dangerous. If you’re successful within the wrong thing, the combo of praise and money and opportunity can lock you in forever.”

Accept failure, but keep trying

Michael Jordan once said that, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” Failure then becomes a method to an end, instead of an end in and of itself. In other words, failure could be a a part of the journey toward success. Everyone fails at only once or another, the courage part comes in continuing to undertake.

Continue forward in spite of failure

Walt Disney was fired because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Here is that the man to blame for an empire of imaginative movies and play for youngsters the globe over, and yet, he lost his job because of a scarcity of imagination. The lesson here is to stay moving toward that end goal, even when others fail to work out the identical vision.

Believe in yourself

Not everyone seems to be visiting “get you.” Elvis Presley, Ball, and Carol Burnett were altogether to pack it in and come back because of their “astounding” lack of talent. Yet, are you able to imagine a world without their music and humor? Success begins through believing in what you’ll be able to do. Don’t let others discourage you in your path toward success.

Failure could be a chance to find out

How To Learn From Both Success And Failure: Failure could be a chance to find out
How To Learn From Both Success And Failure

Henry Ford is quoted as saying, “Failure is just the chance to start again, this point more intelligently.” Certainly, Edison would agree. You’ve just learned all the incorrect ways toward that specific success, as Edison did along with his “ten thousand” wrong attempts. Every lesson learned, every failure, could be a movement within the right direction.

Courage must be your watchword

“If you have got made mistakes, even serious ones, there’s always another chance for you. What we call failure isn’t the falling down but the staying down,” a quote from Pickford. We are all quite capable of spectacular mistakes and a few folks, myself included, have made them. The key’s to not allow defeat and failure to be the end-all. you need to continue forward.

Learn from your failures

How To Learn From Both Success And Failure: Learn from your failures
How To Learn From Both Success And Failure

View failures and mistakes as both unavoidable and acceptable. Management consultants Pfeffer and Sutton say, “Setbacks and mistakes should be viewed as an inevitable, even desirable, a part of being action-oriented. the sole true failure is to prevent trying new things and to prevent learning from the last effort to show knowledge into action.”
If we are fearful of failure, we’ll never move beyond our safe zone; we are going to never leave sight of the shoreline for the vast ocean. rather than thinking, “failure isn’t an option,” think “a failure is an option, and there’s an honest probability that it’ll happen.”

When you fail, explore for causes, not excuses. Analyze what happened, identify causes, learn, and adjust.
Although failure may be a natural byproduct of living an aggressive life, never be cavalier about failure and don’t romanticize it. Failure isn’t acceptable if it’s the results of slothfulness, poor planning, or poor execution.

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