Best Things to do in San Jose, California

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The best things to do in San Jose deserve a spot on your Bay Area bucket list. now not the mousy step-sister to urban center, San Jose is finally entering into a spotlight of its own because the unofficial capital of geographic area. a bit like its diverse population whose roots stretch from Latin America to Asia. San Jose may be a diverse collection of historic places, outdoor adventures, scientific innovation, great restaurants (the Mexican restaurants in San Jose are especially great) and oddball institutions. Downtown San Jose and also the South of First (SoFa) districts are the fastest growing neighborhoods for eateries, bars and breweries and also the middle of San Jose’s arts scene.

Downtown San Jose

Best Things to do in San Jose: Downtown San Jose
Best Things to do in San Jose

San Jose condenses a full city’s worth of culture, entertainment, dining, sightseeing and nightlife into just some blocks bookended by the Guadalupe River and San Jose State University.

It would take you minutes to induce across this dynamic district on foot, but there are more places to eat and drink (250+) than you may squeeze into an entire month, and an enormous chunk of the attractions listed below, from the Dr. theologist King, Jr. Library to the San Jose Improv, are downtown.

The geographical center is Plaza de Chavez, a gathering place with public art, flowerbeds and fountains, and therefore the main stage for one in every of country’s top jazz festivals in August.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Looking like an Ancient Egyptian settlement, with a Moorish-style planetarium thrown in, Rosicrucian Park is on an entire area in San Jose’s garden neighborhood.

The complex goes back to the 1920s and now includes a temple for the Rosicrucian order, a Rosicrucian labyrinth, a groundwork library, alchemy exhibit and alchemy garden.

But what pulls in additional than 100,000 people a year is that the Egyptian museum, in an exceedingly building modeled on Karnak’s Temple of Amon.

It holds the biggest array of Ancient Egyptian artifacts in Western North America, starting in pre-dynastic times quite 5000 years ago and running to the beginning of the Islamic era.

The museum has gathered some 4,000 pieces, and as you’d guess the mummies arouse the foremost fascination, but there’s also jewelery, sculpture, ritual objects, writing materials, toiletries, textiles, tools and vessels, and a few absorbing pieces from Assyria and Babylonia.

Get lost within the Winchester Mystery House

Best Things to do in San Jose: Get lost within the Winchester Mystery House
Best Things to do in San Jose

Widow Sarah Winchester, heiress to her husband’s Winchester Rifle fortune, began construction on the sprawling Winchester Mansion in 1886. She believed the house was haunted by those that had died at the hand of the Winchester rifle and by the time of her death, 36 years later, the still incomplete house had 160 rooms, 2000 doors and dozens of staircases that always led nowhere in a trial to confuse the malevolent spirits.

Stop and smell the Heritage garden

Get a way of the San Jose of yesteryear at the Heritage garden and Japanese Friendship Garden. At the garden (free, open daily) admire 2,800 styles of heritage, modern and miniature roses. the japanese Friendship Garden, in-built Kelley Park in 1965, includes a koi pond, flowing brook, waterfalls and bridges that honor the friendship between San Jose and its sister city Okayama, Japan.

Children’s Discovery Museum

Best Things to do in San Jose: Children’s Discovery Museum
Best Things to do in San Jose

Technology also plays a component at this attraction for teenagers up to the age of ten.

Children’s Discovery Museum was inaugurated in 1990 and part funded by the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak for whom the road, Wozniak Way is known as.

Exhibits and programs here all help children understand the globe through experience, interaction and inquiry.

They’ll get to dig for mammoth fossils, make gigantic bubbles, solve engineering problems with circles, role-play a healthy lifestyle at the Rainbow Market and investigate the textures, sights, sounds of an urban environment at the “Streets” exhibit.

Bill’s Backyard may be a new outdoor playground, letting kids climb, build and dig as they study the flora and fauna and where food comes from.

Go for a hike at Almaden Quicksilver County Park

San Jose has several county parks that are perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities. At Almaden Quicksilver County Park, once the world’s second largest mercury mine, you’ll hike among the tunnels and tracks left behind by the huge mining operation. Alum Rock Park, one in all the state’s oldest municipal parks, was once called a spa because of 27 natural mineral springs that are still around today. At Joseph D. Grant County Park, Santa Clara County’s largest, 51 miles of trails wind their way through the foothills of the Diablo Range.

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