Amazon Halo review: An AI-assisted understanding of your well-being

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If you’re seeking a fitness tracking wearable that doesn’t keep you glued to a screen or checking in constantly for notifications and updates, the Amazon Halo band can be the minimalist device for you. This screen-less band is slim and visually unobtrusive, but behind the scenes, it quietly evaluates your tone of voice, moments of activity, and sedentary stints, and also offers up sophisticated sleep data meant to empower you to a higher night’s sleep. and in contrast to the largest names within the wearable fitness game like Fitbit and Apple, the Halo band also offers 3D body fat imaging for one more insight into wellness tracking. As a frenzied fitness tracker user, i used to be thrown off by the shortage of any variety of interface on the Halo, but my full seven-day experience did serve to assist me become more awake to my quality of sleep and general activity levels. Let’s find out the detail in Amazon Halo review wit Lifesviews!

Amazon Halo review: Price and availability

Amazon Halo is accessible for purchase as of this writing. The band costs $99.99, and includes 6 months of Halo membership (usually $3.99 per month.).

When you’re testing, you’ll be able to choose your size and one among three colors: Black/Onyx, Blush/Rose Gold and Winter/Silver.

Amazon Halo review: Design

Amazon Halo review: Design

The Amazon Halo fitness band feels like a fabric-swathed Fitbit Charge 4 that lost its screen, or like an additional long Apple Watch nylon sport loop band.

Its sensors are housed in an arced, stainless-steel unit beneath the material. One side of the water resistant sensor unit features and LED indicator light, two microphones and one button.

Amazon Halo review: Labs

The four pillars of Amazon Halo — activity, sleep, tone and body — all have actionable tools that cater to your motivations. These tools are sourced from third-party services and take the shape of videos or soundscapes, for instance. Some are as simple as holding yourself in control of a bedtime.

Each lab encourages you to designate a time to be notified of that lab. one amongst my activity labs notifies me at 6 p.m. daily to try and do my workout, while my meditation lab jogs my memory to test in with myself at 10 p.m. and my bedtime notification let’s me know I should wind down at 11:30 pm.

Every Amazon Halo purchase comes with a six-month trial of the complementary Halo membership, which incorporates labs from known Headspace, Orangetheory, P.volve and Aaptiv, similarly as medical authorities just like the American Heart Association and Mayo Clinic.

After six months, the complete suite of labs, which number over 100, costs $3.99 per month. While you’ll be able to choose which labs you would like to use, you can’t selectively take individual labs.

Amazon Halo review: Activity tracking

Amazon Halo review: Activity tracking

As a standalone activity tracker, Amazon Halo won’t wow you, but it covers the fundamentals. you’ll be able to see your pulse rate, steps and calories burned. For the foremost part my Halo readings for these metrics echoed my Apple Watch ones.
Halo implements a points system that’s like Fitbit’s Activity Zone Minutes, but less intense. once you exercise at a given intensity for a given duration, Halo will reward you with activity points. Your goal is to earn 150 activity points weekly, with the danger of losing points for extended periods of your time without movement. You score more points for higher exercise intensity levels, though.

Software: an important and user-friendly mobile app

Without a visible display to interact with, the accompanying Halo mobile app is totally essential to the user experience. It delivers helpful explanations and guidance that almost all users want. Compatible with iOS and Android phones, the Halo app makes everything from the initial setup to body scanning and voice tracking straightforward. Sleep data is insured by explanations as is that the activity point tracking system. Automatically tracked workout data is additionally easily accessible then is that the choice to manually upload workout activities (there are 38 to decide on from, including an all-encompassing Other category).

Battery: Enough juice to last nearly every week

Battery: Enough juice to last nearly every week

Amazon says that with tone tracking enabled, the band should last up to seven days on one charge. There are two options for tracking tone: one for more accuracy and one to optimize battery life. I chose the latter and located that the band lasted for 6 days, which comes near the manufacturer’s claims. I also noticed that by manually muting the mic, the battery drained far less quickly than after I left it on to pay attention in the least times.

While this isn’t the longest-lasting battery, it had been rapid to charge at nearly 1 hour and quarter-hour. it had been also easy to stay track of battery life and avoid inadvertently over-charging the device, due to system notifications that popped abreast of my smartphone when my band battery was low yet as when it absolutely was fully charged and prepared to travel again.

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