Amazfit GTS review: A fitness and health bargain

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Finding a trendy fitness tracker will be a challenge, but the Amazfit GTS obliges with a petite design and cozy build for everyday wear. Available in six colorful silicone band options and a crisp AMOLED display, this fashionable wearable continuously monitors rate, sleep, and offers custom tracking for 12 different popular workouts.

I used this device for a bit over per week while sleeping, hiking, and running to work out how this stylish tracker delivered. Though tracking data was never a difficulty, the software and companion app fell wanting delivering a very intuitive, user-friendly experience.

Design: Lightweight and a bit too familiar

Design: Lightweight and a bit too familiar

The Amazfit GTS could be a super-light device at approximately 24.8 grams but isn’t flimsy. The body is formed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and also the Corning 3 Gorilla glass covering the display is conveniently smudge-resistant. the rear of the display is decidedly more plastic-looking, though the plate is roofed in an exceedingly matte finish with a pleasantly sturdy feel. The square watch face is slightly longer than it’s wide, adore the Apple Watch. In fact, if you don’t look too closely, this device is sort of a precise copy of this outsize name within the wearable game.

Amazfit GTS: Features

The Amazfit obviously offers notifications from you smartphone, and this was one in all the weakest areas of the experience. after we first paired our notifications weren’t delivered in the least – and it took a re-pairing to urge them coming through. They disappeared again after the watch was turned off, which began to get annoying.

However, such is that the experience that we actually preferred having no notifications.

WhatsApp messages were hard to read because of the way the text was formatted, and although you’ll be able to edit the apps that may deliver – the list isn’t complete. We were soon bombarded with alerts from our Arlo home cameras.

There’s only two watch faces weirdly, which supply some options for complications that may be set through the watch. you’ll be able to add hundreds more through the Amazfit app, although they’re generally static and pretty mundane.

The complications include weather, schedule alerts, heart rate, steps and PAI.

Like the Apple Watch there’s an always-on display that sleeps to a more simple clock until you raise your wrist. We found the wrist raise reliable, although it absolutely was a bit problematic when sleeping, when it might sometimes blind you with a false positive. There’s a setting within the app to snooze always on between certain times, which could be a useful workaround.

Price and availability

Price and availability

The Amazfit GTS is on sale without delay, but if you’re within the UK or US you’ll must import it from Gearbest.

We’re hoping it’ll come to Europe officially at some point soon – not least since the corporate announced a eu price of €129 – but seemingly not yet. That’s not an excessive amount of of a controversy though, because the price from Gearbest is barely slightly beyond Amazfit’s RRP. It’s £130/€145/$160 without delay, though you’ll should pay a touch for shipping, and potentially extra for customs charges too.

Specs & software: Apples and oranges

So the Amazfit GTS looks lots like an Apple Watch. It also features the identical core fitness tracking tech: step tracking, heart rate, built-in GPS, and built-in tracking for 12 workouts – including swimming, as both watches have 5ATM water-resistance.

Look past the similarities and therefore the two watches quickly pull apart though. While the GTS lacks a pair of features you would possibly miss from Apple’s devices – 4G LTE and ECG measurement are the 2 obvious ones – there’s actually a good bit it does that Apple doesn’t.

Comfort: Easy to wear but not as user-friendly

Comfort: Easy to wear but not as user-friendly

While the Amazfit GTS is stylish enough to wear all day and simply coordinate together with your wardrobe and comfy to have intercourse, confusing interface issues impaired overall simple use. together with the modular watch faces, there are screens for nearly every datum measured, accessible by swiping up from the underside of the device.

Unlike most trackers, the highest two data points on this tracker are Status (which is de facto steps logged) and PAI (personal physiological activity indicator, variety that’s calculated supported pulse and activity). These aren’t common metrics most users are at home with, and therefore the way these widgets appear on the watch and within the app aren’t customizable.

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